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Grow your revenue with web analytics - it's not black magic anymore

What you get

Save your money

Tracking traffic on your store doesn’t have to be expensive. Hiring a marketing agency generates high and unpredictable expenses, and the effects are often immeasurable or disproportionate to the costs. With MergeBit, you will set up analytics for your store by yourself in three simple steps. Without the help of programmers setting up tracking codes or report views. All this for a fixed monthly fee. Pure simplicity and cost cutting!

Save your time

Dozens of e-mails sent or calls made to configure a single report? Hours spent on explaining what you actually need just to get something completely different? This is past now. MergeBit Analyzer is so pleasantly intuitive that it takes just a few moments to access important data and summaries without external help. Zero extra configuration. Time you saved means more money earned for your business.

Track incomes

If you haven’t visited your Google Analytics panel for a long time because you consider it too complicated or you don’t not know how to increase your turnover by looking at these colored charts – it’s time to change it! With our application, tracking the revenues and costs of AdWords, Facebook and other campaigns is very easy, and thanks to active hints, the charts are no longer black magic and finally start showing how your business is doing.

Grow revenue

Are you wondering what you can change on your store to improve conversion rate and reduce the number of abandoned carts? How to better display products, improve descriptions or simplify the shopping path? You will find answers to these questions in the form of personalized tips in our app. And all this thanks to modern machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence that constantly monitors your store and helps to change it for the better.

How it works

Step 1

Create an account

Tell us which e-commerce platform you use and what is the domain name of your store. We will generate a link for plug-in download and an API key for you.

Step 2

Install the plugin 

Install the downloaded plug in the administration panel of your store, enter the generated API key in its settings and you are all set!

Step 3


MergeBit Analyzer has already started collecting data from your store, from the number of active sessions, through the analysis of trends and KPIs. Log in to your account and discover how the collected information will help you generate more profit.

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MSc in Computer Science, has been working as a software developer since 2010. Specialised in programming for network and distributed systems, most recently interested in Smart Home solutions, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.
Mateusz Olejnik
PhD student at Warsaw Military University of Technology at the Department of Cybernetics with specialization: IT Systems. Owner of software house specialized in implementing e-commerce systems used worldwide. Supporter for couple of startup companies.
Michał Zabielski


One domain

59 EUR

net per month

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