MergeBit Analyzer

Meet simple to use analytic tool dedicated for e‑commerce

How it works

Step 1

Create your MergeBit Analyzer account

Provide details to identify domain for which you want to enable tracking. On this basis we will generate access key for your instance.

Step 2

Install plugin in your e-commerce platform

In a standard way for your shop platform install our plugin and in its configuration provide generated access key for each domain.

Step 3

Choose events for tracking

In plugin’s configuration you can select event categories, the occurence of which will be tracked and sent over to your MergeBit Analyzer account.

Step 4

You are set! Enjoy working web analytics

Based on the data gathered we will generate characteristics for your domain, best tailored for e-commerce. We will also provide you smart hints, which will boost your business once deployed on your store.


Effortless setup and use

You do not have to hire a team of web developers to maintain tracking codes on your website. You do not need any specialised knowledge. Simply install plugin, select events to track and… that’s it! You do not even need to know JavaScript. It so simple!

Understand your customers better

Track all the traffic on your website. Learn what the behaviors of your website’s visitors are, where do they come from and what actions do they take. Prepare better marketing campaigns with this knowledge. Grow your business using our data analysis results provided in an easy to understand form.

Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms

Do you use some well known sales platforms – WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop or other? MergeBit Analyzer provides a  plugin, where you just need to fine tune most relevant options and you are ready to go. Any event on the webpage will be tracked and data gathered will be displayed with rich characteristics on Admin Panel.

Smart insights

We employ advanced machine learning techniques along with data analysis to provide you set of useful hints about SEO, user experience and campaign strategies, bespoked for your website. You do not have to use external services or hire an expert to increase business value of your page – just follow the path described by our suggestions!

We integrate with

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Why we try to make web analytics simpler

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Income tracking issues

Almost 70% of e-commerce services improperly tracks incomes using Google Analytics

0 %
Configuration issues

Almost 80% of examined websites contain at least one significant error in Google Analytics configuration, leading to unreliable data being gathered.

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Issues with characteristics

30% of e-commerce services has significant errors in their Google Analytics configuration that leads to misrepresentation of some key indicator like bounce rate

Our team

MSc in Computer Science, has been working as a software developer since 2010. Specialised in programming for network and distributed systems, most recently interested in Smart Home solutions, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.
Mateusz Olejnik
PhD student at Warsaw Military University of Technology at the Department of Cybernetics with specialization: IT Systems. Owner of software house specialized in implementing e-commerce systems used worldwide. Supporter for couple of startup companies.
Michał Zabielski


One domain

59 EUR

net per month

  • Free install and configuration
  • Full support during whole usage period
  • First month for free

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