What is MergeBit Analyzer?

MergeBit Analyzer is a comprehensive web analytics tool, available in SaaS model. It consists of a plugin installed on the website, store platform or blog and an administration panel. We currently offer plugins for popular blog (WordPress) and shopping platforms (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce) and we are constantly expanding the catalog of available plugins. After installing the plugin and selecting events you are interested in, you can log into the administration panel and immediately take advantage of:

  • tracking user visits
  • tracking campaign sources and achieving campaign goals
  • tracking conversion and bounce rates
  • advanced KPI
  • and many more

You do not need to edit the source code of your webpage, paste JavaScript or tracking codes. Thanks to the dedicated plugin, everything happens automatically, and you can be sure that MergeBit Analyzer is set up correctly from the very beginning and will provide accurate data.


Who should use MergeBit Analyzer?

MergeBit Analyzer can be used by anyone who wants to optimize content he publishes on the internet, improve conversions, remove bottlenecks, use marketing campaigns more effectively and increase revenue. Regardless of whether you run a blog, online store or a service premise with the option of online booking, you will appreciate the benefits that MergeBit Analyzer brings to the development of your business. If you value your time in addition, you certainly want to devote it to improving the quality of content or services offered, rather than learning complex details of configuring web analytics tool.


How can I use MergeBit Analyzer to boost my e-commerce business?

Starting from tracking user’s visits, through tracking sources and goals of marketing campaigns to systematically generated analytical reports – MergeBit Analyzer offers a whole range of characteristics that give you an accurate insight into what is happening on your website. In addition, using advanced statistical mechanisms and machine learning will provide tips on what changes can be implemented on the site to improve user experience, increase conversions or prepare better campaigns. All this, with minimal involvement of your time and resources, will allow you to optimize the offer, accelerate development and focus on generating higher revenue.


How much does it cost to use MergeBit Analyzer on my page?

You have your first month for free. During this time, you will become familiar with the tool and see what value it brings to your business. You can also ask an unlimited number of questions that we will be happy to answer. After 30 days you will be able to decide if you want to continue using the MergeBit Analyzer (no charge collection from your card without your prior consent). After the trial period, the use of MergeBit Analyzer costs 250 PLN (or 59 EUR) net for each commenced month. However, for our first customers we offer a whole package of various discounts. Contact us, we will be happy to give you details.


Google Analytics is for free! Why would I pay for another tool?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool but it requires some technical knowledge for correct configuration, even in the basic scope. Available market research results indicate that in many cases even such basic configuration is poorly performed, which may lead to the collection of incorrect data on the traffic on the website.

Effective use of Google Analytics for more advanced purposes (measuring bounce rate, critical paths on the website / store, campaign goals) already requires hours of training or hiring of an external company that will configure Google Analytics and provide interpretation of collected results. This in turn results in significant costs, depending on hourly engagement and often difficult to estimate.

That’s why we decided to launch MergeBit Analyzer – a tool that:

  • is user-friendly,  easy to install and configure
  • does not require advanced IT knowledge to use its full potential
  • offers advanced tracking mechanisms and all necessary analytical functions
  • its cost is constant and therefore easy to plan in the budget of the company you run

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